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We're a group of seasoned marketers with a passion for helping modern brands scale.

Samir ElKamouny
Chief Growth Officer
Matt Lampkin
Chief Strategist
Matt Morin
director of paid media
Dara Denney
sr. digital ads manager
Kate Williamson
digital ads manager
Chad Fairchild
Digital ads manager
Brian Moore
business development
Brianna Frazee
director of finance
Rose Kenney
influencer strategist
Sara Henderson
creative copywriter
Sajal Awasthi

Our Team

*One of these isn’t true

  • 50% Vegan
  • 50% Athletic
  • 60% Canine
  • Coffee aficionados
  • Mostly guitar & chess players
  • Tried and true
  • The best at what we do
  • Easy going, love to help
  • Passionate lifelong learners
  • Dressage world champions

We Love To Tell A Good Story

Our growth has doubled nearly every month.
We must be doing something right.

Our founders met in 2013 while at WordStream in Boston. At the time, WordStream was one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the world, having grown from a few customers to over 10,000 in three years. Matt & Samir were early members of a team globally regarded for thought leadership and expertise in PPC marketing. This experience offered years of mentorship and hands-on professional training.

Fast forward to 2016 and the market was changing. Google was common, Facebook and Instagram were on the rise. Attribution became increasingly complex, and the ability to scale paid media now required a multi-channel approach with extensive testing from top to bottom of funnel. One or two channels was no longer going to cut it.

Fetch & Funnel was founded to meet this need. We help businesses grow, scale revenue, and ultimately make a lot more money through advanced sales funnels and cross-channel advertising.

Let's scale your business
and make money, together.

Let's scale your business and make money, together.



Get ready to discuss fresh ideas and proven strategies unlike any you've ever tried. We're often able to lower CPA while doubling, even tripling your sales...while continually scaling results within just a few short months.