Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge with a Simple Survey

Curse Of Knowledge

As internet marketers, we have many curses thrown upon us each day, but none so heavy as the one most of us don’t even take into consideration, The Curse of Knowledge. The Curse of Knowledge is a simple theory that makes a whole lot of sense when you finally learn about it, but can lead to serious pitfalls if you … Read More

3 Great Tools to Boost Your Paid Social Strategies


Marketing is all about reaching the right people at the right time. Unfortunately, that can turn into a guessing game if you don’t have the right tools. The marketing tools that we use are essential to our success so if you’ve just been “winging it” or going on intuition, you’re only selling yourself short. Use Marketing Tools to Reach Your … Read More

3 Productivity Hacks Ultra High Performers Use To Crush Life

I was doing well, producing great work and simply getting sh*t done. Despite an ever-growing list of things to do, I was steadily checking boxes as quickly as new items appeared. The world was operating according to my schedule to boot. Sounds great, right? So I thought at the time.   My worldview was self-centered and egotistical. Sure, it was … Read More

3 Reasons YOU Should Use Time Tracking to Crush Productivity

3 Reasons to Use Time Tracking to Boost Your Productivity

Whether you’re an internet marketer, business owner, manager, employee, or just doing some side work, each and every one of us has had to deal with time management problems.  These issues stem from a number of reasons, including getting distracted on the internet, improperly managing the amount of time you spend working versus researching and not taking the proper amount … Read More

Managing your User Generated Content on Websites and Social Media

Managing your User Generated Content on Websites and Social Media

We all know that interaction is the name of the game when it comes to social marketing. We also know that the more comments we get on our blogs, the more involved our leads become. In short, user-generated content (USG) is absolutely great, right? Well, not 100%. Thanks to internet trolls, your comments can become breeding grounds for tumors on … Read More

Facebook is Trying to Make You Promote Your Posts – Some Simple Ways Around it

Facebook is Trying to Make You Promote Your Posts - Some Simple Ways Around it

Have you noticed your Facebook views per post declining? Does it feel like you’re getting only a smaller proportion of the reach that you used to? Chances are, it’s not the way you’re posting or even the content you’re posting. Rather, it’s Facebook cutting down on the reach of pages through tweaks to their Edge Rankings to make it more … Read More

3 Tips to Turn Customers Into Evangelists

In marketing and sales, there is a certain type of client that is always highly sought after. This person is called an evangelist because much like their television counterparts, they preach the gospel to everyone they know. They get up on their pulpit and sing the praises of your product and services, telling it on the mountain like a person … Read More

What Did We Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge from a Marketing Perspective


So now that the ice bucket challenge craze has died down, and we’ve had a few minutes to not be frightened by every video we see of our friends and family pouring water on their heads lest they say our names, it’s time to analyze the social phenomenon. As any successful internet marketer can tell you, everything that happens on … Read More

Why are People Leaving Websites?

Why are People Leaving Websites

Have you ever wondered what the most popular reasons are that people leave websites? Recently, Kissmetrics put out some very interesting data and numbers that should help every marketer out there understand their viewer behavior just a little bit better. Poor Navigation and Layout If your website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate, people will leave it. Quickly. Don’t … Read More

3 Unique Ways to Increase Email Engagement

3 Unique Ways to Increase Email Engagement-small

We’ve written a few tips for email marketing content before, but today we’d like to stay away from the standard content and go for something that might make you stand out a bit from the other marketing spam…er…emails people get. Yes, you should still follow everything else we said about creating urgency with your subject line, creating a concise email … Read More