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The Bouqs Co.’s philosophy is simple: care about people, the planet, and the process of growing flowers. Bouqs believes in farm-direct, transparent sourcing, which means partnering with farmers who use sustainable growing practices like minimizing waste and recycling water. The end result? No more middlemen! Flowers stay fresher, longer — for birthdays, anniversaries, new beginnings, or just because.


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Our Results

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How We Did It

the problem

Acquiring New Customers

Having already reached over 66 million people on Facebook (with an average frequency of 5x), Bouqs is a recognizable brand with millions of customers. As a result it became increasingly difficult to profitably acquire first-time customers.


But it’s really difficult for a well-known brand to acquire brand new customers on Facebook! The more people you reach, the harder it is to get a sale. And up until now, Bouqs had spent millions of dollars on conversion-focused campaigns that simply were no longer effective.


We had to expand beyond conversion campaigns, which is much easier said than done! It was the only way to achieve sustainable customer growth for the business.

the goal

Increase Sales From First-time Customers

The Fetch & Funnel team introduced brand awareness campaigns, as a way to reach new audiences at scale. However the challenge was to prove that brand awareness leads to sales, while also lowering the cost to acquire new customers.


The Bouqs Company worked with digital agency Fetch & Funnel on a campaign to increase sales from first-time customers in the United States.


To accomplish this goal, Fetch & Funnel introduced Brand Awareness campaigns. The client’s response looked something like this: 😱
“But don’t panic!”, we said. And so we explained how to run a killer Brand Lift Study on Facebook.

the hypothesis & equattion

Reach New Audiences at Scale

Our Hypothesis:

Running a strategic Brand Awareness campaign in partnership with Facebook will enable us to reach new audiences at scale, with significantly lower CPMs. And we’ll increase first-time customer sales by aligning brand awareness with social causes and memorable experiences that our customers care deeply about.


The Equation:
New Customer Sales = (Brand Alignment) + (Social Cause) + (Memorable Experience)

the solution

Celebrate Equality

We decided to celebrate equality for Valentine’s Day 2021. In order to execute this campaign Fetch & Funnel developed unique creative for Bouqs, along with messaging tailored to individual audiences that communicated Bouqs’ belief in the power of the LGBTQ community, and fostering growth and support within this community by sharing flowers with the people you love most.


We first ran the Facebook Brand Lift Study in January 2021 (ahead of Valentine’s day), in order to establish performance benchmarks for brand awareness, brand recall, CPA, and CPM.


We then utilized these learnings to execute a holiday campaign backed by data, and the results were nothing short of stellar!

the results

Spend Less and Get More Sales

To achieve these results, we first ran a Brand Lift Study on Facebook in order to establish benchmarks, gather performance data, and to utilize this data to optimize our targeting. We developed unique creative that aligned the brand with a truly meaningful social cause in a way that would empower Bouqs’ customers to create their own memorable experiences with the people they love most, by sharing flowers.

It was an inspiring campaign for the brand and for their customers…which is why we were able to achieve the following results:

  • 401% increase in sales (while spending 27% less)
  • 588% increase in rate of purchase
  • 84.8% decrease in CPA
  • We then scaled budgets by 465% and CPA decreased by 31.8% (while scaling)

    Increase Your Sales By 401% Like The Bouqs Company

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    How can we reach you?​

    We’re quick to respond, and you’ll get to speak with an expert.

    We’re quick to respond, and you’ll get to speak with an expert.


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    “They are highly experienced and run professional campaigns that convert. Work with them, you’ll be glad you did.”

    Evan Varsamis, CEO & Founder, Gadget Flow