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"One of our biggest challenges was finding an agency that understands our market well enough to help us compete. We now have great local coverage in our campaigns, and our interstate business is much stronger than it used to be. We get great reporting, and my business has seen tremendous growth over the past three years. I’m handling many calls a day, it’s a good problem to have."

Yan Kerefov, Owner, Mozart Moving

Ad Funnel Strategy

The Challenge

Moving is a hyper-competitive industry in Boston. Advertising costs are sky high, there’s a student population that favors low pricing and last minute booking. Seasonality causes big swings in business, and Yelp is packed with dozens of competitors, each with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Mozart understood that none of their competitors were advertising on Facebook, which presented a big opportunity for growth, by reaching audiences before they began their search for a moving company.

We implemented a hyper-targeted ad strategy, enhanced lead tracking, and professional campaign management on Facebook & Google.


Advanced Google & Facebook Leads Funnel

Rebuild all campaigns, and implement a top/middle/bottom of funnel with clear targeting, messaging, and creative. Segment campaigns by age, gender, demographic, platform, geography, and ad placement. Segment retargeting by 7/14/28 day audiences for tailored messaging.


Audience Segmentation & Hyper-Local Targeting

Deliver specific ads and messaging based on traffic temperature. Cold traffic must be treated differently than warm traffic in order to convert leads at a high rate.

How We Did It

Objective #1 - New Google Ads Strategy

Restructure Google Ads, eliminate wasteful spend, and increase results by aligning budget with profitable service routes.

We implemented a modern campaign framework that allowed for precise geo-targeting, advanced bid management, and full control over our positioning in the market.

Objective #2 - Launch Facebook Retargeting

Mozart’s ideal customers plan ahead before booking. They begin by visiting Google to perform preliminary research…but most aren’t ready to fill out a form just yet. Trust needs to be established, and the best way to do this is through retargeting. 

Results (First 60 Days)

58% Lower Cost-Per-Lead


195% More Leads

Converting Traffic Into Leads

Objective #3 - Website Conversion & Tracking

After our first full season running campaigns, we began building out more robust conversion tracking, while optimizing Mozart’s website to offer more opportunities for visitors to convert.

Over the next 3-6 months, we further increased leads by 200%, while maintaining an 87% lower cost-per-lead.


Track Website Micro Conversions

By tracking micro conversions across Mozart's website, we were able to feed more conversion data into Google. More tracked conversions let us take advantage of the algorithm to target exactly the right customer, paired with the perfect bid...driving lead costs way down.


Automated Bid Management

More tracked conversions enabled us to leverage the algorithm to target the right customer, and pair it with the perfect bid...driving lead costs down by 700%.


Enhanced Call Tracking

We implemented Call Rail onto Mozart's website, and began tracking the full value of every click driven to the website.

High-Converting Creative

We helped Mozart develop ad creative for social, display, website lead capture, as well as strategic landing pages in order to send targeted traffic to pages tailored to highly profitable long-distance destinations.

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“They are highly experienced and run professional campaigns that convert. Work with them, you’ll be glad you did.”

Evan Varsamis, CEO & Founder, Gadget Flow

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How can we reach you?​

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We’re quick to respond, and you’ll get to speak with an expert.


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