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Gadget Flow saw an opportunity to make Facebook a larger part of their paid marketing strategy. However having a non-traditional business model required a multifaceted strategy that was difficult to maintain, let alone improve upon. Driving sales, increasing exposure, building awareness, and a need for quality traffic at crazy low CPCs was slowing down growth.

Fetch & Funnel partnered with Gadget Flow in May 2017, and was able to improve results using an advanced cross-channel strategy on Facebook and Google. Leveraging extensive audience targeting and a unique prospecting strategy amplified brand awareness and scaled online sales.

We promote hundreds of new products for Gadget Flow every month

Our Results









Objective #1:

Increase Engagement

Prior to partnering with Fetch & Funnel, Gadget Flow managed Facebook advertising efforts in-house, requiring significant bandwidth. They partnered with Fetch & Funnel to expand their business on Facebook, increasing awareness of the platform and reaching new audiences.

Fetch & Funnel’s first step was to strategize and implement a brand new campaign structure that used a unique and highly effective prospecting strategy. Our team also built out a new retargeting funnel that offered the ability to target based on how users engage with products and categories on the website, along with specific geographic targeting.
By placing budget behind engagement we were able to drive shares, comments, and likes. This ad utilized a “dark post” strategy as well. This “mini-viral” effect will significantly reduce CPCs, increase awareness, and lead to better customer acquisition.

Objective #2:

Lower CPCs & Increase Product Sales

Fetch & Funnel tested many countries, tracking geographic performance to find the optimal balance of low CPCs and product sales. Data showed that having higher CPCs in more active locations, along with audiences in regions that were most likely to purchase led to higher sales across every new product we launched.

Our team discovered winning combinations by utilizing strategic ad placements along with mobile vs. desktop testing (e.g. Mobile placement on Facebook Marketplace and Newsfeed).

We worked with the Gadget Flow team to test multiple audiences for similar products and product categories in order to find winning target audiences that would drive crowdfunding backers and lead to sales on the platform. We continue to refine and test these audiences.

Working in a dynamic world, we continuously needed to come up with unique ways to generate sales while monitoring exhaustion from within our best performing audiences. Our team has also implemented strategies that utilize new ad formats and test new (but similar) audiences in order to ensure ad content isn’t redundant. Building and refining our own custom audiences has enabled us to continually ramp and scale our campaigns.

Objective #3:

Acquire New Gadget Flow Customers

The Gadget Flow has a unique business model. Innovators and product creators pay for website placements and platform exposure. Their primary customer base is crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This audience commonly performs months of research and planning before signing up. Fetch & Funnel was tasked to get in front of innovators and product developers while they were in the planning stages of their crowdfunding project. From there we needed to demonstrate the value in using Gadget’s platform as a way to direct consumers over to crowdfunding pages, and ultimately purchase the product.

Fetch & Funnel used Google Search, along with strategic ad placements on Google’s Display network to target audiences based on historical campaign data. Display was used to place ads on crowdfunding industry websites that innovators frequently used to plan and research their future crowdfunding projects.

We then retargeted this audience on Facebook and Instagram, while also combining dynamic email lists in AdRoll to drive customers to Gadget Flow’s website.

"Gadget has promoted thousands of products with Fetch & Funnel and I'm extremely happy with the results. Every month it gets better, we're growing fast."

-Evan Varsamis, Founder & CEO, Gadget Flow