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Instascale is an organic Instagram growth service provided by Fetch & Funnel, a team of certified professionals. We deliver hands-on management, detailed reporting, and stellar results.

Simple plans, contract free.

As soon as you’re signed up look for an email from your account manager to begin the on-boarding process. It’s quick and easy! 


$ 300
flat monthly fee
  • 1 Instagram Account
  • 2000+ Targeted Followers Per Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Account Reporting


SAVE $300
$ 1500
discounted prepay plan
  • 1 Instagram Account
  • 2000+ Targeted Followers Per Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Account Reporting
SAVE $300

More Than One Account?

We've got you covered with discounted pricing

1-2 Accounts


1-2 Accounts: STANDARD

3-5 Accounts

15% OFF

3-5 Accounts: 15% OFF

6-10 Accounts

25% OFF

6-10 Accounts: 25% OFF

10+ Accounts


10+ Accounts: CONTACT US

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We start with an in-depth review of your account, in order to identify your ideal target audience. Next, we compile a list of target accounts whose current following is well-aligned with your ideal audience.
From there we isolate the most engaged followers within those accounts and interact with them via liking and following, drawing their attention to your page. By targeting the right audiences we’re able to gain new followers at a high rate.
We’re continually evaluating performance in order to improve conversion rates and audience quality for your page.

what are target accounts?

Target Accounts are pages on Instagram whose current following is well-aligned with your ideal target audience. Think of any other accounts that may be similar to your page in nature. Don’t forget to include the accounts of your competitors. *Pro Tip: We recommend selecting target accounts that have 150,000 followers or less. This is because accounts with fewer followers typically have a more niche audience, so targeting these accounts will yield a more focused result.

will i have to sign a contract?

No contracts! Our subscription plans are on a monthly basis. If you are not pleased with our service, you are free to cancel at any time.

what happens if i'm not satisfied with the service?

Should this be the case we recommend reaching out to your account manager in order to discuss targeting and audience quality. We can always make adjustments (quickly) should this be the case. If not, all you need to do is reach out via email with a request to cancel. 

Are these real followers?

Yes, absolutely! In order to drive targeted traffic to your page we engage with members of your target audience. However, the degree to which these individuals choose to follow your page will depend on a variety of factors, including content quality and posting frequency (among others).

do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee at least 2000 new targeted followers a month for Instagram accounts that already have 10,000+ followers. 

Although we can’t offer a guarantee for accounts with less than 10,000 followers, we’re usually able to reach this level. At a minimum you can expect to see between 1000-2000 new followers.

is your service safe?

Our service works well within the constraints of Instagram’s Terms of Service. We constantly monitor Instagram’s policies to ensure there is no risk of your account getting banned from using our service.

i just completed my order, now what?

We’ll have an account manager reach out to you shortly to schedule a kickoff call and walk you through the onboarding process. This will consist of completing a short survey, and scheduling a kickoff call to get your account set up. Please keep an eye out for the verification code that will be sent to you via email or SMS.
Please refrain from hitting any of the buttons when the verification prompt appears is it will cause the code to expire.



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