1 | The Performance Agency with Fetch & Funnel’s Samir ElKamouny

Samir ElKamouny

1 | The Performance Agency with Fetch & Funnel’s Samir ElKamouny

Samir ElKamouny

Your host, Samir ElKamouny of Fetch & Funnel introduces his new podcast Ecom Growth Leaders. In this episode, he explains why he started this podcast, what to expect listening to the podcast, the caliber of people he will be interviewing, and what you can expect to learn.

If you’d like to be a guest on Ecom Growth Leaders, click https://go.ecomgrowthleaders.com/podcast-guest 


Hey there, I’m Samir ElKamouny, I’m the Founder and CEO of Fetch & Funnel a performance based marketing agency. I’m also the founder of this podcast, Ecom Growth Leaders. 

I’ve been fortunate enough over the last decade plus to work with hundreds of businesses, marketers, and entreprenurs. At Fetch & Funnel we’ve scaled hundreds of businesses and produced over $500 Million in revenue for our clients. 

I’ve been able to gain knowledge and experience that has allowed me to consult with businesses, has allowed me to scale businesses, and given me the opportunity to build an amazing network of top marketers and entreprenurs that are doing really awesome and unique things. 

So I decided to start this podcast because of that opportunity. 

I wanted to have a platform and a place to share these stories and to talk about how these marketers are getting results, what we’re doing at Fetch & Funnel to get our clients results, feature brands that we’re working with, and also brands that I’ve had the opportunity to network with, and feature these authority figures and thought leaders and awesome people that are doing really great and unique things. 

We’ll talk about marketing techniques that are not being spoken about or taught and provide the community with more knowledge and learnings from my experience and my networks experience. 

I’m excited because of my background, my success, and my network it’s led me to want to start this podcast so that I can feature not only the knowledge and experience that I have, but the knowledge and experience of my team at Fetch & Funnel, our clients, and other marketers as well. I WANT to help other marketers and entrepreneurs. 

So, what is Ecom Growth Leaders, what is this podcast about?

This is meant to be a podcast where I will be intervewing guests and featuring growth, marketing, and advertising techniques to benefit the community and benefit other marketers and entreprenurs out there. TO help guide them, give them insights into other successful businesses, help encourage them, and just overall provide a knowldge share. I want to highlight and celebrate these brands, teach other marketers from the experience and knowldge that the featured guests, myself, and my team have.

I started Ecom Growth Leaders with that purpose in mind, just helping others, building a community of marketers and entreprenurs, to benefit and to learn from one another. And also just talking about some really cool brands! 

It’s a very guest driven show, where I’ll be intervewing CEOs, Founders, VPs of Marketing, Growth Marketers, Head of Growth, Head of Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Managers, you name it, all different titles, types of businesses, sizes of companies. It will be mostly ecommerce businesses in the direct to consumer space. But we will still have some episodes where I’ll interview members of my team and we’ll talk about advertising techniques, creative strategies, conversion rate optimization, and much more. 

Who should listen to Ecom Growth Leaders? 

Anybody out there trying to learn more in the marketing and advertising world. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or marketer, but that’s who we’re going to be mostly speaking to. That being said I also want to be promoting Social Entrepreneurship as a whole as well. I believe that moving forward not only is your brand really important and how you brand your business, but as we’re all becoming more conscious consumers, socially driven brands will come out on top. I want to be highlighting these socially driven brands, brands that are doing good, trying to make the world a better place, and driven through social entrepreneurship. 

The intentions is to encourage other marketers out there that they can do really awesome things and encourage other entrepreneurs that they can be more socially driven. But very tactical solutions and strategies, talking about exactly what these brands are doing in order to get the results they’re getting, talking about how they’re able to scale, talking about the tecniques, the strategies and growth hacking that they’ve put forth in their business in order to grow quickly and scale. And that’s really who we will be featuring, brands that are crushing it, brands that are doing really awesome things, and brands that are scaling really quickly so that way we all get to learn from their experince and knowledge, but also what didn’t work for them as well because there’s so much learning in there too. 

I want you the listener to really gain a bunch of knowledge and insights in every single episode. Every episode is intended to have different techniques and strategies, some will be unique to that brand and can be applied to similar brands, some will be a bit more broad where you’ll be able to apply to that any kind of business, not only ecommerce businesses. So, even if you’re not in the ecom world there’s going to be a lot of knowledge and insights to gain from listening to Ecom Growth Leaders and I just want to use the platform to create change and postiive impact in the world. I want to help other marketers and businesses owners, I want to encourage others to do more social entreprenurship, use their brand to make a difference, but how you can do that while profiting. Because at the end of the day we all need profit to continue growing our businesses but you can still make a difference and profit doing that. 

So, Who would make a perfect guest for listeners to nominate or if you’re interested in being featured on the podcast? I’m really just looking to celebrate guests on this podcast who are in the ecom world, that are doing interesting and amazing things in order to grow their businesses. You don’t need to be a massive 9 figure business to be featured on the podcast but you need to be doing unique marketing strategies, utilizing growth marketing techniques, or growing and scaling. I’m looking to celebrate guests that are humble and willing to educate and teach our community on what’s working for them and what hasn’t worked for them in the past. The main goal is to have others learn from you, that’s the biggest thing, if you have knowledge and industry insights to share that can benefit others in this community of top marketers around the world then I want to feature you! 

To see other epsiodes go to FetchFunnel.com/podcast there is a section on the website to apply to be a guest, I have some great content there to check out. 

I’m super excited to celebrate these guests to YOU, even though this is a newer show, we are developing a community of advanced marketers that are all networking with one another. If you want to present to my audience, this is a really big opportunity to be featured in-front of this very exclusive and fast growing group. 

Check out my agency’s website FetchFunnel.com we’re a performance driven growth marketing agency, that offers advertising management, conversion rate optimization, and creative services. 

I thank you so much for listening to this episode. I encourage you to listen to all the future episodes, there have already been so many amazing guests providing incredible insights and knowledge. We already have a bunch of episodes up. And we have a bunch of amazing guests lined up providing incredible insights and knowledge. I don’t want you to miss any episodes, so make sure to subscribe to this podcast and sign up for our email list so you can gain from this exclusive knowledge we will be sharing! 

Thanks again and see you on the next episode of Ecom Growth Leaders. 

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