The Basics of Starting Your Own Podcast

The Basics of Starting Your Own Podcast

Having your own podcast is a great way to connect with your audience, as well as to build a new audience. For one, getting in the iTunes podcast store will allow you to reach a lot of new people. Having a podcast also sets you up as an authority figure. It also gives your audience an easy way to follow your multimedia. Instead of having to log on to your blog every day, every week or every month to download your content, they can just download it automatically through their podcasting software.


So how do you start your own podcast?


Topic Selection

To start with, choose a topic. Your topic should be either something that isn’t being covered already by a podcast, something that’s being covered poorly or something that you can bring a new angle to. Avoid trying to compete head on with a more established podcast in the exact same category.

Buying Your Equipment


To start with, you’ll need to get a high-quality microphone. You can record a podcast using your iPhone’s microphone, but even picking up a $100 microphone will make a big difference.

A common starter mic is the Shure SM58, which comes it right around $100. If you want to plug the mic directly into your computer, you’ll also need an Icicle which converts the microphone cable into a USB signal.

As you get more advanced, you’ll probably also want to pick up a mixing board and potentially a $300 to $500 mic.


Editing and Software


For software, you can simply use free audio editing programs like Audacity for both recording and editing. You can buy more advanced editing software like SoundForge or Pro Tools, but for most podcasters, the basic editing features of Audacity are more than enough.


The Recording Process

Recording your first podcast is going to be a little tough. Start by writing a very detailed outline of what you want to cover. Then record it once. Chances are you’ll find yourself stopping often to re-do things. Try to break past the urge to get the recording perfect and instead get into the flow of recording. The best podcasts are the podcasts where the speaker appears relaxed, at ease and spontaneous.


Getting Your Podcast on the iTunes Store

Getting your podcasting in iTunes is a lot easier than most people think. The iTunes store simply reads an RSS feed that tells it where the .mp3 files are on your website. You can use a WordPress blog to automatically update this RSS feed.

Just go into iTunes and into the Podcasts section, then find the link for adding a new podcast. Submit your RSS feed to iTunes and wait for Apple to approve your podcast feed. Make sure your RSS feed is properly formatted for iTunes before submitting.

The whole process of creating a feed and submitting it to iTunes shouldn’t take more than half a day.

There you have it – Starting your own podcast isn’t nearly as difficult as most people think. If you think it’s a good marketing tool for your business, you could be up and running in as little as a week.




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