Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge with a Simple Survey

Curse Of Knowledge

As internet marketers, we have many curses thrown upon us each day, but none so heavy as the one most of us don’t even take into consideration, The Curse of Knowledge. The Curse of Knowledge is a simple theory that makes a whole lot of sense when you finally learn about it, but can lead to serious pitfalls if you … Read More

Why are People Leaving Websites?

Why are People Leaving Websites

Have you ever wondered what the most popular reasons are that people leave websites? Recently, Kissmetrics put out some very interesting data and numbers that should help every marketer out there understand their viewer behavior just a little bit better. Poor Navigation and Layout If your website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate, people will leave it. Quickly. Don’t … Read More

Are You Missing Out on a Huge Engagement Opportunity on Your Site?


If you’ve ever been on the consumer side of making an online purchase (and I’m guessing many of you have) there’s a page that you see which few internet marketers think about because they don’t really see it on a day to day basis. In addition, this page is kind of an afterthought, a throwaway. It has no way of … Read More

Three Enormously Bad Landing Page Copy Techniques

Three Enormously Bad Landing Page Copy Techniques

Do you have a landing page that is under-performing or not converting at all? If so, consider the fact that many landing pages out there follow three extremely flawed approaches for content creation. If your landing page falls into one of these three categories, it’s likely that any promotions, ads or other monetary boosters you try will fail as well, … Read More