We Transform People & Brands
Into Market Leaders

Our Team Has Deep Expertise in Ecommerce


We Are Strategic Thinkers

We don’t just accept things for what they are. We question, analyze, and test new ideas against old assumptions to exceed expectations and shape the future.

We Make Great First Impressions

Competition for attention has never been higher, which is why first impressions are so damn important. It’s your one opportunity to pique interest and make your brand stand out. Design has never been more important than it is today.

We Believe Your
Conversion Rate
Is The Catalyst
To Scaling, Profitably

Conversion Rate Optimization is the most impactful way to increase sales and your profits. Yet most businesses don’t run A/B tests, they set it and forget it. We’re obsessed with CRO, and you should be too! It’s why we align advertising and design with conversion rate optimization. It’s the key ingredient to our secret sauce, and it’s what makes scaling possible.

The world has changed. What worked last year doesn't work today.

Our Values


Our work is yours to keep. You’ll always know what’s happening.

Whatever It Takes

We set clear goals, and do whatever it takes to reach them.


We hold ourselves, and our clients accountable.

Lifelong Learning

We love what we do, and we’re 100% committed to getting better. 

No Bullshit

We’re here to solve challenging problems, together.

Do What’s Right

We believe in doing things right, the first time around.

We believe that learning is a lifestyle, and we lead by example. Our team is 100% committed to staying fresh, sharing knowledge, and always testing new methods.

Meet Your Future Team

We look for talented individuals with unique perspectives, that are willing to share and unafraid to swim in deep water.

Samir ElKamouny

Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Matt Lampkin

Cofounder, Chief Strategist

Meghan Kotz

Art Director

Sasha Kuklov

Sr. Strategist, CRO & Analytics

Stephanie Leung

Growth Director

Brianna Frazee

Finance Director

We're always hiring. Seriously, you should reach out! 🙌

Chaky Ling

Sr. Media Buyer, SEM

Geoffrey Fuglaar

Sr. Media Buyer, Social

Zach Adams

Media Buyer

Bryon Patrick

Media Buyer

Max Martin

Media Buyer, Analyst

Erich Olsen

Senior Designer

Sara Henderson


This could be you!

Rose Kenney

Social Strategist

Melvin Canono

Media Buyer, Analyst

We're big believers in communication and transparency. The customer isn't always right, and neither are we! But as an extension of your own team, we'll make the best possible decisions, together.


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter


Chief Meeting Interrupter

“I’ve worked with many agencies and Fetch & Funnel has the best Facebook marketing approach. They are highly experienced and run professional campaigns that convert. Work with them, you’ll be glad you did.”

Evan Varsamis, Founder & CEO, Gadget Flow

We transform great brands
into market leaders

We Transform
Great Brands Into
Market Leaders

Partner With Experts
& Start Scaling Your Business,
Get a Free Proposal Today.

Partner With Experts & Start Scaling Your Business, Get a Free Proposal Today.

“Fetch is highly experienced, they run professional campaigns that convert. Work with them, you’ll be glad you did.”

Evan Varsamis, Founder, Gadget Flow

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