3 Tips to Turn Customers Into Evangelists


In marketing and sales, there is a certain type of client that is always highly sought after. This person is called an evangelist because much like their television counterparts, they preach the gospel to everyone they know. They get up on their pulpit and sing the praises of your product and services, telling it on the mountain like a person possessed. This is that “word of mouth” person that you want on your side. They will email blast about you to their friends; they will comment on all your social posts, sharing themÉ in short, they are your unpaid marketing team.

How to Identify and Turn Customers into Evangelists

So what makes an evangelist come to life? Proper cultivation. The key here is to recognize the potential for turning a customer into an evangelist and then pouncing. Your best targets are going to be repeat customers, or “hyper-customers” that get excited about everything you do. Early adopters are great but you can pick these types of customers up at any point in your marketing life.

Once you’ve identified the potential, start working on turning them.

Here’s how:

1. Be the best customer service person you can be. Respond to everyone. Go above and beyond. Provide the best products, the best services and the easiest transactions around. When you are treated right by someone, you have the tendency to tell others about it. You’re so happy with your transaction that you are almost bragging about the “special” treatment you got. This will go a long way in creating more hyper-customers, which gives you more prospects for evangelists. Some might turn on their own, some might need a little extra help.

2. Go the extra mile. To help move the transition from loyal customer to evangelist along, consider some rewards and free offers for your hyper-customers. Reward them for buying more and more, even going so far as to give away a free product or two. The key here is that you’re investing in them as an evangelist so only give the products away to people that have proven themselves hyper-customers. This will get them talking for sure and more people will come to you as clients, hoping that they can get free things as well. It’s up to you at that point of the game. One thing to keep in mind is that even better than the expected gift is the unexpected gift. Sending your hyper-customer a free gift when they aren’t buying will get them completely hooked and shouting your name from the highest treetops.

3. Turn your negatives into a positive. Another good lead for an evangelist is a customer that initially had a bad experience with you. Turn this around through discussions and customer service, working hard to show that you care about each and every person that you are selling to. In the end, they will be so pleased with the care and service that they got, they will wind up telling everyone about how great your services and products are. When you think about the alternative (that they go around bad mouthing you and leaving poor customer reviews, comments, ratings, and feedback) this is a no-brainer.


Keep Your Evangelists in the Loop and Happy


One important thing to remember is that once you have your evangelists, you have to keep them happy. Creating a special membership offer or exclusive deals or giving them the fir`st crack at early bird savings are all great ideas that will keep your evangelists happy and talking.


Of course, if you’re going to stay in touch with your customers and evangelists you’ll need a good email marketing and social media strategy. Would you like a free evaluation on how to better optimize your marketing efforts for more customers? Call or text us for a free evaluation! Or click the Messenger button.


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