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Career Opportunity

So, You’re Thinking About A Career At Fetch & Funnel? That’s Great News!

Fetch & Funnel is a growth marketing agency purpose-built to connect growing brands with their ideal customers. Our founders have spent years consulting on digital strategy with well over 1,000 businesses, helping to dramatically increase revenues and lower the cost of customer acquisition through modern digital methods.

We’re always looking for talented people. If you’re interested in a position at Fetch & Funnel fill out this form and tell us why and what you love to do. We’d be happy to discuss.

“Some people think sales is communicating value to customers. To these people, sales is about buying a bunch of search terms or mouth-piecing a company’s message. They’re wrong. The true purpose of sales is to create new value for customers.”

-Mark Cranney, Andreessen Horowitz

Our Story

Fetch & Funnel was founded by two marketing and sales experts that met in 2013 while working at WordStream in Boston, MA. At the time, WordStream was one of the fastest growing marketing tech companies in the country and grew from having a few customers to well over 10,000 in just a few years. This experience offered an opportunity to work with thousands of businesses (advertisers) and hundreds of digital marketing agencies. We essentially taught businesses how to drive demand and acquire customers, and we taught agencies how to build a profitable paid acquisition business by running stellar campaigns for their clients. Paid advertising can only hit a home run when leveraged with additional channels, experimentation and a website designed to convert visitors into customers. Most businesses are only scratching the surface with sales funnels. Your website visitors must clearly see immediate value, and they must be guided from start to finish. Only then will your website or landing page generate a lot of revenue at a low cost of acquisition.

Available Positions

We’re a team of lifelong learners. Continually looking for every opportunity to think differently, relentlessly pursuing success for our clients.

Account Manager – Remote
Creative Director – Remote
Graphic Designer – Remote