Influencer Marketing in Web3 for Cutting-edge Blockchain Projects

You must be aware that a majority of consumers trust recommendations from real people rather than branded advertisements. In the Web3 landscape, where trust and authenticity are essentials, collaborating with the right influencers can make a huge difference for your Web3 project.


Over the years, influencers have built loyal communities of followers who believe and trust in their opinions. A strategic partnership with the right influencers in your niche can help you tap into their audience and leverage their popularity to improve your brand positioning in the Web3 space.


If you have a web-3 project based on cutting-edge blockchain technologies, chances are that a majority of the target audience won’t be able to comprehend the complexity of the technology. Partnering with an influencer who has knowledge of such technologies can help you improve your marketing efforts by explaining the messages to the audience in a more easy-to-understand manner.

Why Should Web3 Companies Consider Hiring a Web3 Influencer Marketing Agency?

Web3 projects with high technical complexities often require well-researched, data-driven Web3 influencer marketing strategies to reach the right audience and drive more traffic to your website. Since navigating the intricacies of the decentralized ecosystem can be challenging for many businesses, it makes more sense to hire a professional marketing agency that specializes in Web3 influencer marketing. Here is why you should choose Fetch and Funnel for your influencer marketing needs.

Leading Web3 Influencer Marketing Solutions

In the past few years, social media influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) have played a major role in developing successful marketing campaigns for Web3 projects. Our experts at Fetch and Funnel use their knowledge and expertise to leverage this avenue of potential user traffic to its maximum potential. Here are some of the most popular Web3 influencer marketing solutions offered by our team:

A Web3 Influencer Marketing Agency With a Proven Strategy

At Fetch and Funnel, our team has a proven track record of helping Web3 projects fulfill their business objectives with innovative marketing strategies. Our experts develop the perfect mix of organic and paid Web3 marketing services as per your business objects.

Result-oriented Web3 Influencer Marketing Company

As one of the most trusted Web3 influencer agencies, we have the expertise and connections to make your influencer marketing campaign a success. Our team can develop authentic and result-oriented influencer marketing campaigns, which you can monitor closely using our performance report dashboard. Before developing the strategy, we analyze data and metrics related to your web3 project and identify opportunities to improve processes and offer better outcomes.


If you are interested in leveraging the power of influencer marketing for your Web3 project, get in touch with our team. Our team can check out your marketing requirements and start working on the influencer marketing strategy to meet those requirements with data-driven solutions.

Web3 marketing refers to promoting products or services in the decentralized and blockchain-based Web3 ecosystem. It involves strategies tailored to the unique features of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications (dApps).

Web3 influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies for brands looking to reach new audiences and increase their sales in the decentralized ecosystem. This powerful strategy allows brands to connect with their audiences in a more meaningful, transparent, and engaging manner. With a Web3 influencer marketing strategy, you can leverage the power of social media influences as well as the transparency, efficiency, and security of blockchain technologies.

Web3 influencer marketing uses the popularity of social media influencers and the efficiency of blockchain technologies to its advantage. It speaks directly to the target audience and offers a fresh and engaging approach. On the contrary, traditional influencer marketing uses established media channels such as television, radio, and digital platforms to connect with the target audience. Unlike Web influencer marketing, its traditional counterpart does not get to communicate directly with the followers as the platforms work as intermediaries. Also, there is less transparency and trust in the traditional influencer marketing format.

There are several reasons why crypto brands and other blockchain-based companies use Web3 influencer marketing strategies to promote their offerings. Some of the major benefits of this strategy are as follows:

  • It is an effective way to reach new audiences and promote products and services.
  • It helps build a sense of community among loyal followers.
  • It offers the audience an opportunity to learn about new Web3 projects.
  • It provides a higher level of transparency for brands.

When it comes to Web3 influencer marketing, videos are the most effective medium across all platforms. However, there are several categories of videos that are particularly more effective for these individual platforms. For example:

  • Instagram: posts, stories, and videos
  • YouTube: videos and live broadcasts
  • Facebook: posts, videos, and live
  • Twitch: Livestream

Apart from videos, blog posts and tweets are also quite effective in influencer marketing.

No, we can support many types of projects whether it’s an exchange, crypto, NFTs, Defi, Gaming, Consumer App, or even a brand entering the world of Web3 we support many kinds of businesses. The best thing is to get in touch with us to see if we can support your goals.

While exploring the strategies involving Web3 influencer marketing, the brand and the influencer (who are collaborating) need to consider the following ethical matters:

  • A paid partnership should be disclosed while sharing promotional content
  • Exaggerated claims about a product or service should be avoided
  • Clear communication and guidelines between brands and the influencers
  • Regular monitoring of the influencer content to ensure compliance

By adhering to these ethical practices, brands and influencers can establish a transparent and trustworthy relationship with their audience.

In the Web3 ecosystem, influencers and brands can interact directly with the need for intermediaries. As a result, there is more transparency in Web3 influencer marketing. Transparency helps build trust among the collaborators, as well as the audience who are at the receiving end of the marketing efforts. Also, by being transparent about sponsorships, influencers and brands can build trust with their audience. This helps make their recommendations sound more genuine and believable.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) play a crucial role in the decentralization of the Internet and the development of a user-centric digital marketplace. Moreover, the popularity of NFTs has allowed influencers to monetize their digital content using various NFT influencer marketing strategies. If the influencers want, they can create NFTs of their digital content and sell them to their followers or collectors. If your brand deals with NFTs, you need influencer marketing to break through the crowd of NFT collections vying for attention on various social media platforms.

Web3 influencer marketing is evolving rapidly while new strategies and trends emerge as the technology itself matures. Here are several trends that are shaping the future of Web3 influencer marketing:

  • NFTs can be used to create unique, branded content for influencer marketing
  • Smart contracts can be used to automate the process of influencer marketing
  • Brands can reach a highly engaged and tech-savvy audience by leveraging networks and creating partnerships
  • Giveaways can be more effective in the Web3 space
  • Maintaining strong relationships with influencers will be crucial
  • Partnering with an agency that specializes in Web3 influencer marketing will become a norm
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How can we reach you?​

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We’re quick to respond, and you’ll get to speak with an expert.

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