Read This Before You Try Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns

Generally speaking we’re usually against automation on Google: auto bidding, broad match, ad rotation, optimize highest performing ad, maximize conversions, any and all of Google’s “recommendations”, and don’t even get us started on Adwords Express. But we want to! We want to be able to trust Google to make good campaign decisions, it would honestly make our lives easier. Google … Read More

Messenger & Chatbots: A Match Made in eCommerce Heaven

Let’s talk some more Messenger marketing.  Recently, you’ve probably heard some marketing thought leaders throwing around terms like chatbots, messenger marketing, and talking about how everyone in China buys everything using chat platforms, but what does that all really mean? We’re here to clear up the confusion. We’ve been experimenting with the combination of Facebook Ads and Messenger chatbots for … Read More

Facebook Ads Not Delivering? Avoid the Facebook Slap and Boost Conversion Rates

Could this be the real reason you’re getting ignored on Facebook? You click “publish” and sit back, excited for the coming hours. Pretty soon, you’ll be getting a flurry of clicks, comments, likes and shares from that irresistible piece of content or ad that you’ve been working on for days. 30 minutes later… nothing. 2 hours later… still nothing. 4 … Read More

Say Goodbye to Google Adwords, Say Hello to Google Ads

Ever been confused by all of Google’s ad products? To name a few, there was Adwords, Google for Retail, Google Display Network, Google+ for Brands, etc. The one we all know best, our dearest friend, was Google Adwords. Launched 18 years ago, Google Adwords led users to relevant and targeted search results, making it easier for businesses to connect with … Read More

Facebook Messenger Campaign Cage Match

Link Clicks VS Messenger Reply, Which Should I Optimize For? If you’re reading this, we’re going to assume two things:   You know what a Facebook Messenger campaign is You want to get the best result for your ad dollars on Facebook Ok, with that out of the way, we don’t need to spend time talking about the magnitude of … Read More

Huge Facebook Announcement: Video Ads are Coming to Messenger

Two Things We Just Love: Messenger and Video Ads Just when you thought you had finally gotten ahead of digital marketing and could take a little mental vacation, BOOM! Facebook hits you with a new ad feature. We’ve made it pretty clear how much we love Messenger and if you’ve been keeping up, you know that it’s soon going to be … Read More

Messenger Marketing: Best Practices For Writing Killer Content That Converts

Thinking About a Bot? So you’ve heard the bot buzz and probably even engaged with them, but you’ve finally come around and decided it’s time for your business to start using a chatbot. If so you’re right on the money. Chatbots ARE the future. Why? Well, it’s simple. As competition increases, companies must become increasingly aggressive in order to maintain … Read More

The Guide to Approaching Influencers

It isn’t difficult to see just how valuable influencers have become in the world of advertising. With highly targeted audiences based on locations, hashtags, and niche interests, Influencers have become a highly effective marketing tool to companies both large and small. These social Influencers have spent years organically building their followings and have created brands for themselves. As more companies … Read More

Gadget Flow Podcast

Gadget Flow Podcast  “On this week’s podcast we sat down with Samir ElKamouny from Fetch & Funnel to talk about facebook advertising and the future of marketing via Messenger & Chatbots.”