We Power Successful
Crowdfunding Campaigns


Drive Profitable Pledges
& Exceed Your Campaign Goals

We promote hundreds of new products every month,
raise millions for creators and maintain momentum afterward.


You Own Everything

Everything we create is yours to keep. Leave at any time, work with more than one agency. We let results speak for themselves.


Full Transparency

You'll have access to campaigns, and performance data. Never be in the dark as to how we're generating results.


Performance Based

We charge based on results, only pay based on the funds we drive to your campaign. All pledges are visible, in real time, on your campaign’s dashboard.




Message & Brand Positioning

You may have a desirable product that will disrupt industries and be loved by many, but campaign success depends on brand positioning. We'll help tell your story, and why it matters to those that are vital to your success.



The goal is simple, control the outcome of your campaign by building a qualified backer audience to launch with momentum.

Hit your funding goal in 48 hours with a pre-campaign

Launch with a bang and establish momentum by building a large list of qualified backers that are ready to purchase.

Additional Pre-Campaign Efforts:

Design your landing page

We build high converting landing pages to capture
qualified leads and promote your upcoming campaign.

Build an audience ready to back your project

We run laser focused ads on Facebook & Google to acquire emails, and we build custom chatbots to acquire Facebook Messenger subscribers.

Email is great, but Messenger is better.

Campaign announcements have to reach your audience. It's the difference between a good campaign, and a great one.
Messenger converts subscribers into backers at a higher rate, but the ability to reach your audience in two places is far better than one.

Why Messenger?

Prepare campaign strategy

We test audiences, messaging, and graphics during the pre-campaign. We then launch your campaign by leveraging your backer list for immediate funding. Hit your goal in 48 hours and immediately begin scaling.



Launch day is a blast, we're about to hit your campaign goal within 24-48 hours! Let's monetize your subscriber lists for rapid funding and high visibility.

We'll exceed your campaign goal with momentum, and give it another boost with paid advertising along with ongoing email marketing, social media, and Messenger broadcasts.

"I have worked with many agencies and Fetch & Funnel has the best Facebook marketing approach. They are highly experienced and run professional campaigns that convert. I recommend all my clients work with them."
Evan Varsamis
Founder & CEO, The Gadget Flow



“Fetch is highly experienced, they run professional campaigns that convert. Work with them, you’ll be glad you did.”

Evan Varsamis, Founder, Gadget Flow

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