Have you ever been confused by all of Google’s ad products? To name a few, there was Adwords, Google for Retail, Google Display Network, Google+ for Brands, etc.

The one we all know best, our dearest friend, was Google Adwords. Launched 18 years ago, Google Adwords led users to relevant and targeted search results, making it easier for businesses to connect with their consumers.


On June 27th, Sriadhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP of Ads & Commerce at Google, announced in a press release that due to popular demand and to enhance the user experience, they’d be simplifying the their advertising products to better reach customers globally.

“A lot has changed since then. Mobile is now a huge part of our everyday lives. People quickly switch from searching for products, to watching videos, browsing content, playing games and more. As a result, marketers have more opportunities to reach consumers across channels, screens and formats. Advertising on Google has evolved too—from helping marketers connect with people on Google Search, to helping them connect at every step of the consumer journey.”

He went on to announce the three new products. Ready? We’ve got Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. Nothing else.

So what will this look like?

Well we’re not entirely sure just yet, but we do know that for small businesses, Google Ads will be rolling out a new campaign type that will make it possible and easier to get started. More campaign types coming soon. Stay tuned.

For Google Marketing Platform, they’ll be “stronger collaboration” for enterprise marketing teams with the unification of DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite. And two become one…Google sites the need for the benefit of merging ads with analytics, which we totally agree with. Thanks Google!

If this could be any sweeter, Google will be introducing Display and Video 360, which will be a culmination of their old products to allow marketers and creative teams to put together campaigns in one place.

And finally we’ve got Google Ads Manager. Previously known as DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick for Ad Exchange, Google Ads Manager will give businesses programmatic access across all platforms for easier backend management of their business.

One of our in-house Google experts did a deep dive and noticed that there’s some positive changes in the new Google PLA, or Product Listing Ad, that help advertisers make more informed decision quicker.

Typically, when optimizing a PLA there’s a couple of factors that you’ll want to look at before breaking a product ID out to bid on it individually. In the old Adwords, the PLA experience never allowed you to do that. When breaking out product IDs or product types in the old interface, only one metric was visible when making those decisions.

Advertisers can also access a second screen that allows them to flow into change bids. In the old Adwords advertisers would have had to go back to their product groups to make those bids change.

So there you have it. A brand new name for a brand new, more simple set of products. We’re just as shocked as you are, but we’re super excited to see what this does to help our clients.