What We Did

Reaching over 31 million people per month, Gadget Flow has featured over 15,000 products and promoted over 5,000 crowdfunding campaigns.


We used a combination of advertising strategies to help get Gadget Flow in the sights of the right consumers. Using social strategies and Facebook ads, we increased social engagement, drastically lowered CAC, increased sales, and helped acquire B2B customers.


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Advertising Strategy

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Evan Varsamis


Our Results

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How We Did It

Objective #1

Increase Social Engagement

Prior to partnering with Fetch & Funnel, Gadget Flow managed Facebook in-house, requiring significant bandwidth. They partnered with Fetch & Funnel to implement a more robust strategy with enhanced measurement to expand the program. We were tasked with increasing awareness, reaching new audiences, and converting B2C and B2B customers within a multifaceted business model.


Our first step was to lay the groundwork for a new campaign structure that leveraged broad audiences and CBO, in order to scale up using Facebook’s artificial intelligence capabilities. We paired a unique prospecting strategy along with a retargeting funnel that offered the ability to target based on how users engage with products and categories on the website.

Objective #2

Lower CAC & Increase Sales

We tested dozens of international markets to find the optimal blend of traffic costs and conversion rates in order to hit CAC and sales targets. Data showed that having higher CPCs in more active locations, along with audiences in regions that were most likely to purchase led to higher sales across every new product we launched.


Fetch discovered winning combinations by utilizing strategic ad placements along with mobile vs. desktop testing.


We then collaborated closely with Gadget Flow’s team to test audiences for similar products, across various product categories to find winning audiences that would invest in crowdfunding campaigns and ultimately lead to sales on the Gadget Flow platform.

Objective #3

Acquire B2B Customers

We were tasked to get in front of product developers, creators, and innovators during the planning stages of their crowdfunding campaign. From there we needed to demonstrate the value in using Gadget’s platform as a way to direct consumers over to crowdfunding pages, and ultimately purchase the product.


Our team curated a multichannel strategy that reached audiences during the research and evaluation stages using keyword targeting on Google Search and YouTube. We then retargeted this audience on Facebook and Instagram, while also combining dynamic email lists in AdRoll to drive targeted traffic to B2B landing pages on Gadget Flow’s website.

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lower CAC

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conversion rate increase

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revenue increase

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How can we reach you?​

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We’re quick to respond, and you’ll get to speak with an expert.


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